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Benbrook City Council

Place #4

Giving Voice to Young Families and the Next Generation of Civic Leaders

The Candidate


I was born and raised in Amarillo, TX, and moved to the DFW area to attend college, and quickly set down roots. 

My family and I have lived in Benbrook for nine years now. We absolutely love our community! Benbrook is a great place to live and raise a family. Our neighbors and schools are excellent, and the vibe of our city is idyllic.

On a personal note,  I enjoy sailing my boat with friends at Lake Worth Sailing Club. I am fascinated with social systems, human communication, entrepreneurship, and the American experience. Plus, you will often find me playing video games with my son or dolls with my little girl - no shame.


My family is beautiful! My wife of 16 years, Marisa Phillips, is a native of Portland, Oregon who moved to Texas to attend Texas Christian University.  She is a Calculus Teacher at Southwest High School in Fort Worth. Mari is a brilliant person, who loves gardening, travel, and serving her community. 

Mari and I have a talented 9-year-old son, Clark, who is a Fortnite fanatic, lover of horses, and future "survivalist." Clark is a fantastic person, who inspires us every day. He is also the best older brother in existence. 

Victoria, our 3-year-old daughter, is the sweetest and saltiest little kid that Mari and I have ever known. She melts our hearts and challenges us to become more than we thought possible. Her zeal and creativity fill us with wonder and excitement. 


It has been a privilege to work professionally for 16 years in the non-profit sector. In that time, I have co-founded a new organization & many programs. I've managed large projects, business operations, human capital, and  complicated budgets.

Eight years ago, I co-founded a non-profit organization called Opportunity Resource Services. Our mission is to alleviate rural poverty, increase educational attainment, and improve rates of upward mobility in rural Texas communities. 

Since establishing ORS, our team has secured 10.1 million dollars in federal, state, and private grants. We serve over 1,300 individuals each year, assisting them as they pursue higher education. 

In my role at ORS, my responsibilities include ensuring state & federal regulatory compliance, human capital management, and financial management. I also direct several college readiness programs, and I support three additional education programs. 

I enjoy problem-solving, creating efficiencies, and delivering results for our stakeholders and clients! 

Other Noteworthy Experiences:

- Treasurer, Lake Worth Sailing Club (Elected)

- Former President, Byers Square HOA (Elected)

- President, DMPVentures, LLC

- Adjunct Instructor, Communications

- Speaker/Trainer 


Master of Arts in Communications from the University of Texas Arlington, and a Bachelors of Science in Church Ministry from Southwestern A/G University. 

Other Education:

- Certified in QuickBooks Accounting Software

- Project Management

- State and Federal Regulatory  Compliance

- Human Resource Management


Community & Family

I believe in the power of community service and in the strength of our families, in all the beautiful and diverse ways those families are formed. With your support, I will serve the citizenry of Benbrook, ensuring that young families have a voice in shaping the direction of our city. 

Practical Solutions & Results

I have always been most interested in creative ideas that lead to practical solutions. I am a pragmatist before partisan. I identify with Nelson Mandela, who said, "It always seems impossible until it is done." 

Honesty & Integrity

I believe that honesty and integrity are the pillars of leadership. These principles are most important for those who are in positions of influence. 


Economic Vitality

Benbrook residents can boast of average household incomes and home values that surpass the State. It's truly amazing! Let’s not settle, but look for ways to carry that into the future. Consider a city-wide ”support local business” campaign that empowers our small business owners, attracts more entrepreneurs, and fosters greater economic growth and variety. Examples found in other cities: Keep Austin Weird or Keep Waco Wacko. 

Community Engagement

The tech boom has redefined how we live and communicate. The internet, online gaming, and social media have improved our lives. However, they have also isolated us and limited that "community feel." Now more than ever, we need to get out and interact with our neighbors. Let's be intentional about building a city known for its bicycling, fun-runs, book clubs, city sports, and outdoor concerts!

Education & Academic Success

Benbrook has excellent schools. Let's make every effort to keep these great schools great! Building support systems that help our schools and teachers are of great importance. Let's work together to make sure that every class in Benbrook is resourced, and ensure that every student has the support they need for academic success! 

Lake Benbrook

I would love to see Lake Benbrook's marina revitalized. This is a very complicated issue that is not easily solved, but it is important to me. The lake should be hosting regattas, festivals, and drawing the community to its shores. Let's work with the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers to do all that we can to improve the lake experience.